5 TPEF Dumper (dumptpef)

TPEF Dumper is a program used for displaying information from the given TPEF.

Input: TPEF

Output: dumped data from TPEF (printed to the standard output)

1 Usage

The usage of the dumptpef application is as follows:

dumptpef <options>

The possible options of the application are as follows:

Short Name Long Name Description
f file-headers Prints the file headers.
l logical Prints only logical information. Can be used for checking if two files contain the same program and data and connections even if it is in different order.
m mem Print information about memory usage of reserved sections.
r reloc Prints the relocation tables.
j section Prints the elements of section by section index.
s section-headers Prints the section headers.
t syms Prints the symbol tables.

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