3 Processor Cost/Performance Estimator (estimate)

Processor Cost/Performance Estimator provides estimates of energy consumption, die area, and maximum clock rate of TTA designs (program and processor combination).

Input: ADF, IDF, [TPEF and TraceDB]

Output: Estimate (printed to the standard output)

1 Command Line Options

The usage of the estimate application is as follows:

estimate {-p [TPEF] -t [TraceDB]} ADF IDF

The possible options of the application are as follows:

Short Name Long Name Description
p program Sets the TTA program exchange format file (TPEF) from which to load the estimated program (required for energy estimation only).
t trace sets the simulation trace database (TraceDB) from which to load the simulation data of the estimated program (required for energy estimation only).
a total-area Runs total area estimation.
l longest-path Runs longest path estimation.
e total-energy Runs total energy consumption estimation.

If tpef and tracedb are not given, the energy estimation will NOT be performed since the Estimator requires utilization information about the resources. However, the area and timing estimation will be done. If only one of tracedb and tpef is given, it is ignored.

Pekka Jääskeläinen 2018-03-12